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Our Results

Our group delivers results which matter in an ever-changing, value-based healthcare driven market. We measure our success by how we improve the quality of care for our patients. We measure performance, identify the drivers of critical issues, develop evidence-based processes, and work collaboratively with our clients to continuously improve care. Our focus is to provide value for our clients which can be measured and quantified. Please take a look at the impact we are having for our clients.

30 day readmission rates 1


Readmission rates are an increasingly important metric in the hospitalist world. Every payer in the United States is monitoring how often readmissions occur. Going forward, hospitals with 30 day readmission rates that appear to be too high will receive lower reimbursement rates. As such Essex Inpatient Physicians has made this metric a key component of our quality and data reporting system, and our rates are well below the national average.





30 day readmission rates 2




Essex Inpatient Physicians consistently outperforms the national average when it comes to preventing hospital readmissions.









LTACHs, Rehabilitation Hospitals, and Skilled Nursing Facilities who wish to partner with acute care hospitals as a part of accountable care organizations, for the purposes of bundled payments or simply to grow their business, are increasingly finding that they need to keep their length of stay low. One of our focuses is to assist our partners in identifying drivers of patient flow and length of stay for the purpose of limiting unnecessary care days while maintaining quality of care. Our results demonstrate success in doing so.