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Work-Life Balance

Many of our clinicians keep their own hours. Our work in the skilled nursing facilities allows for maximum flexibility when creating schedules. Taking time off during the middle of the day, working a four day work-week, and working half-days are just a few of the many scheduling possibilities with our group. We encourage our clinicians to manage their own schedules and provide every opportunity to allow for as much flexibility as possible while still maintaining good quality patient care.

Essex Inpatient Physicians is committed to creating the right practice infrastructure so that our clinicians have a manageable workload, can work efficiently, and focus on our patients. We strive to maintain a safe number of patient encounters per day. Our call is shared among all clinician members and limited in frequency to prevent burn-out. Support staff in our main office are present to handle credentialing and administrative paperwork limiting your exposure so that you may focus on patient care. We are designing our own Electronic Medical Record and Billing System. Our health technology is designed by clinicians to work for clinicians.

Come see what some of our clinicians have to say about working at Essex.

Words From our Team


Vanessa Masse, NP

EIP allows me the flexibility to work full-time but still maintain a good amount of flexibility. As a mother of a toddler you never know when your child is going to be sick or not having a babysitter available. Working with EIP, I can start my day early or late and still tailor my day to see patients and maintain my family life. I truly enjoy the flexibility and the benefits as well as the company being very accepting to new graduate students.

Patricia Noe, PA-C

The daily rounding schedule is flexible such that I can start late or leave early on occasion if I have an appointment or need to have work done on my car. It is a small company, but offers me a lot of support and backing when I need it. There is great camaraderie. I see myself as a long time employee, taking on responsibilities that suit my personality and where there is a company need. I would definitely recommend this organization for a place of employment.