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Practice Management

As part of our work,  we are invested in establishing the right practice infrastructure for our clients. We have built a strong team and skillset to implement practice policies so that our clinicians can focus on providing high-quality patient care. Our group staffs based on the clientele needs to maximize patient-centered care and quality performance outcomes.

We have a robust recruiting and hiring team with experience in identifying and bringing quality clinical providers on board. We work with our client partners to hire caring, energetic, and skilled clinicians. Retention of talented clinical providers is key to sustaining good hospitalist practices. EIP has a track record of retaining our providers and minimizing turnover.

Essex Inpatient Physicians cooperates with our clients to quickly credential providers.  We also hold periodic reviews with providers to improve care and align goals. We work to optimize revenue cycle management for our group and our clients. Our group also has experience in managing informatics and billing which are ever-increasing components of health care management.