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What we do

Partnering with Essex 1Physician founded and managed, Essex Inpatient Physicians focuses on delivering high-quality care to patients in the communities in which we live. We provide acute care and post-acute care services to hospitals, specialty hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities in northern Massachusetts and Boston Metro North regions, southern New Hampshire, and coastal Maine.

Supporting our clinicians in enhancing the quality of care for our patients is a primary focus. We recruit, retain, and develop high-quality clinicians who share our dedication to improving patient care. With our flexible schedules and varied practice options, Essex Inpatient Physicians provides a unique and enviable work-life balance for its clinicians.

As the role of the traditional family practitioner has evolved into one that is increasingly focused on office-based medical practices, the role of the hospitalist medicine specialist has risen dramatically. Essex Inpatient Physicians is committed to helping address the need for clinicians in our communities who focus on acute and post-acute care. In the era of value-based purchasing from private and public health insurers, Essex Inpatient Physicians recognizes the importance of driving enhancements in patient care quality while meeting unique fiscal challenges.